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This form can be submitted online or printed out and mailed in with your check.  To complete online, please respond to all the questions and click the submit button.  You will receive an acknowledgement of your form submission and payment.
If you would like to mail in your form, please print the form and fill it in.

2017 Schooner Entry Form

Vessel Name:

Contact Person:
Boat Cell Phone: 
Day Phone: Night Phone:
Captain: Owner: (if different)
Permanent Postal Address:
Sparred Length:    
Hailing Port: Home Port:

Vessel Data

Draft: Beam: Hull Material: 
Designer: Design Type/Model Name:
Builder: Where Built: Built Year:
Engine Type and HSP: Working Sail Area: (lowers)

Please email photos, Bio or Press Kit to:

Check the following boxes if you will be sailing in:

The Challenge for the Fishermen, Gloucester to Provincetown, Sept. 5, 2017


The Long Point Schooner & Yacht Race, Provincetown, Sept.  7, 2017

Weather Delay or change is at the discretion of the GPSR Race Committee

The fee to enter the Fishermens Cup Race and/or the Long Point Schooner & Yacht Race is waived.


Read before signing. I agree to abide by the regulations and sailing instructions for this event, and by submitting this form, confirm that I have read the Sailing Instructions and that my vessel conforms to USCG standards in all respects. I hereby agree that neither I nor any of my crew members, or passengers shall hold Provincetown Historical Celebrations, Inc., dba The Great Provincetown Schooner Regatta, nor any of its personnel responsible for damage, accidents or injuries during the races or related activities; no person shall be aboard my vessel who has not consented to this waiver in his or her behalf. I understand that organizers may transfer to third parties the right to film or tape part or the entire event for eventual license or sale.

By checking this box you agree to all the stipulations stated in the Hold Harmless above.

Submitted and Signed by:

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Title    Date



Schooners will be rated under the 1974 Off Soundings Club Rating Rule.  Its basis is the amount of theoretical sail area (lowers) you have room for, not your actual inventory.  Owners are reminded that boats as built always differ from their line drawings.  We recommend you measure the boat, not her plans.  Even if your handicapping data is on file with us, please complete ALL of this form.

Schooner name:
Completed by:
Date Completed:
Mainsail rig: 


Gaff  None Unstayed
Number of Masts: GCBSR Handicap Diagram.jpg
Number of propellers:
Prop type: Solid  
Number of Blades:
Prop size:

No engine?  Describe towed yawl boat (LWL, prop, draft, etc.):

Special Docking Needs? Please Explain:

Note: We may make allowances for excess displacement, oversized props, etc., so if you feel your schooner has not been properly rated or classed, please let the Race Committee know of your concerns.  The Race Committee reserves the right to adjust ratings to promote competitive racing.

Please state measurements in feet & inches to the nearest whole inch.

  FT & IN  


Length on deck (This may be on your documentation as LOA)


Waterline length


Maximum beam



Docking length (We need to know how much space you will take up)


Distance from fair extension of aft side of mainmast, sail track or groove to aftermost position to which mainsail clew can be extended, or inner edge of boom black band



Distance at deck between forward side of mainmast & after side of next mast


(3 & 4-masters only) see B1 above for third mast


(4-masters only) see B1 above for fourth mast


Distance from forward side of mast at deck to intersection of foremast stay on which foremost headsail is normally carried, with top of bowsprit, if used, or top of rail including cap


Distance from fair extension of top of boom track when touching lowest point of gooseneck, or from top of black band, if used, to top of main halyard sheave or to underside of masthead black band, if used & appropriate halyard marking is included.


Distance from intersection of forward face of mast with centerline of main deck to intersection of forward face of mast with centerline of headstay or strop carrying highest headsail


Perpendicular measured along after side of mast from top of highest halyard block used for sails aft of mast to upper side of boom when at lowest position of gooseneck


(3 & 4-masters only) see P1 above for third mast


(4-masters only) see P1 above for fourth mast


Perpendicular measured along forward side of mast, from top of highest halyard block used for sails forward of mast, to upper side of boom when resting parallel to deck against the lowest point of gooseneck.  If no fisherman staysail carried, measure from point of opposite highest halyard block on after side of mast


(3 & 4-masters only) see P4 above for third mast


(4-masters only) see P3 above for fourth mast


Extreme length of gaff, when lying on top of boom, to the mast proper


Perpendicular measurement along after side of mast, from throat cringle of sail to upper side of boom


Shortest distance between extreme after end of clew cringle & forward side of luff rope



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