Schooner Race from Gloucester to Provincetown

First Place: Captan Bruce Davies and Schooner Estrela
Second Place: Captain Mark Faulstick and Schooner Adventurer
Third Place: Captain Ian Ridgeway and Schooner Alabama

One Design Rhodes 19 Fishermen's Series

First Place: James Santos in Lily
Second Place: George Lynde in Sparkle
Third Place: Marie and Charlotte Walker in Grace

Long Point Schooner & Yacht Race and Cape Cod Catboat Races

Class A - Schooners over 65 feet for the Rose Dorothea Cup
First Place: Schooner Alabama, Captained by Ian Ridgeway

Class B - Schooners under 65 feet for the John Bennett Cup
First Place: Schooner Adventurer, Captained by Mark Faulstick
Second Place: Schooner Estrela, Captained by Bruce Davies

Class C - Vessels over 25 feet for the Justin Avellar Cup
First Place: Details, Skipper John Santos
Second Place: Magic, Skipper James Downey
Third Place: Kittiwake III, Skipper Roxanne Pratten

Class D - Vessels under 25 feet
First Place: Grace, Skipper Noah Santos
Second Place: Lily, Skipper A.J. Santos
Third Place: Sparkle Marie, Skipper George Lynde

Class E (Cape Cod Catboat Race) for the Admiral Donald B. MacMillan Cup
First Place: Nemo, Skipper Patrick Walsh
Second Place: Gala IV, Skipper John Wolfe
Third Place: Lily, Skipper Shep Williams




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