The Regatta - Race Results 2011

Schooner Race from Gloucester to Provincetown

Issued by the Race Committee at 15:20 Sept 7, 2011

Vessel Captain Start Finish


Corrected Time
over Course

Matt Sutphlin



4H   6M   50S  

Estreala Bruce Davies 06:26:20 13:33:56 233.79   4H   20M 3S   Second
Adventurer  Mark Faulstick  06:55:16  14:17:11 183.40  5H  10M  29S     Third
Alabama Ian Ridgeway 06:50:29 13:22:41  101.19    5H   19M   41S  Fourth
Dove II   Mike Taber DNS        
Roseway   Dwight Deckelman 06:55:03 DNF      

The Cape Cod Catboat Race for the MacMillan Cup:

Held on Saturday, Sept 10

First Place Gala VI
Second:     Cleopatra
Third:         Woogie Magoo

The Rhodes 19 Fishermen's Series   held Friday Sept. 9:

First Place:  Flyercracker
Second:     7G's
Third:         Brook

and  the Long Point Schooner & Yacht Race, held Saturday Sept 10.

There is a Class A (Rose Dorothea Cup is the prize) for the big schooners

First Place: Schooner Tyrone
Second:     Schooner Thomas E Lannon
Third:   Schooner Alabama

 a Class B (John Bennett cup is the prize) for smaller schooners:

First Place  : Schooner Dove II
Second:        Schooner Estrela
Third:             Schooner Bay Lady II

Class C (Justin Avellar Cup) is for  non-schooners,     boats 26-45ft

First:      Magic
Second:  Rainbow
Third: Details

Class D (the prize is the Munro Moore Cup)  boats 19-25ft

First: Kim
Second: Flyercracker
Third: Tomadachi

Saturday, Wind was 10-15kts from the East. It was sunny, and perfect for the boats.





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