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The Great Provincetown Schooner Regatta (GPSR) is recognized as a premier historical, educational and competitive event that appeals to a unique and wide ranging demographic of visitors and local residents.  It celebrates the role of the Great Atlantic fishing bank schooner in Provincetown’s and our regional maritime history while providing educational opportunities for residents and visitors to experience these historic vessels both in port and at sea.  Additionally, we educate the public about the schooner races held off the New England coast from 1886 to 1938, and commemorate Provincetown’s 1907 Lipton Cup victory.

The GPSR works in tandem with cultural and research institutions in Provincetown and Cape Cod to enhance and reinforce the links between our maritime history, fishing schooners, sailing, the great resources of our region, our culture and our economy.  Provincetown offers a unique and historic venue for the GPSR, providing an active harbor for boating and marine activities, surrounded by the beautiful Cape Cod National Seashore, as well as a rich environment for those interested in the arts, history, cultural sites and museums as well as research centers such as the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies.  Visitors can also enjoy fine dining, entertainment, shopping and a wide variety of accommodations.

The Fishermen’s Cup, a Schooner race from Gloucester to Provincetown, commemorates the 1907 Lipton Cup. Sir Thomas J. Lipton who admired the Captain’s and crews of the fastest Schooners of the day celebrated the fishermen schooner races that took place between New England and Halifax in the 1886 to 1938 period by underwriting the awards for a number of these races. In one such race it was Provincetown’s Schooner, the Rose Dorothea, which triumphed. The perpetual cup resides in the Provincetown Public Library. Educational events, exhibits, talks and tours of the Schooners and a final race, which will include all Schooners and yachts, follow this race.

Our sponsors build a lasting brand loyalty, connecting to local as well as National pride in our history as a maritime nation.


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The 12th annual Great Provincetown Schooner Regatta (GPSR) week is recognized as one of the premiere historical sailing events in New England and, especially in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Figawi Race Weekend kicks off the Cape Cod and Nantucket summer season just as The Great Provincetown Schooner Regatta & Yacht Race Week celebrates the official close to the summer season.  Entries attract sailors and historic schooners from several eastern states as far south as Virginia. A variety of 45+ boats and as many as 5,000 sailors and visitors and local residents, attend this event.


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